Off-Topic: A December Tradition

We’re busy furiously casting and planning for the 2012 opera season, and there’s not much I can say until the rest of the pieces fall into place. So I take this opportunity to welcome you to surf on over to a post by one of my alter egos.

Has George Frideric surfaced again this Advent?

Are you suffering from Hallelujah Fatigue?

Do you share the sense of dread at seeing the M-Word on your December calendar?

You’re not alone, my friend. But I’m doing my best to “get over myself” (my husband’s favorite admonition), and here’s the result.



Well, some folks are saying it for you. I know two of the shows you are doing and two people singing roles from having seen them in print on singers’ websites or school opera programs. Sure I had heard a bit more from other friends verbally. But some folks have gone ahead and printed it. What’s the fun in holding off the announcement, if singers can announce it for you? Or maybe you let them do that. But why not tell all here then?


Dear KissandTeller,

Sorry that your comment was posted with such a delay… I have no idea why I didn’t get the notification that it was pending.

And yes, the word is leaking out, as we have not asked our singers to embargo the information. As an official representative of Wolf Trap, however, I am not quite as free to speak about it. We will make the official announcement on February 12. But it sounds as if you’re way ahead of us! :)


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