Mixing, Fading, Slicing and Dicing

Remember the Volpone recording from last summer? Just for yucks, I revisited blog posts from that period and relived briefly that sickening roller coaster we rode last June. I see that I promised to chronicle the whole messy road to those recording sessions. I never followed through, and now I’m doubtful I will. In truth, I had already forgotten exactly how painful it all was, and I’m reluctant to dredge it up.

No matter, for it’s the first day of spring and I’m in Boston (where to all appearances, it is still cold, grey winter…). We’re doing the final master of Volpone, and having a better time of it than we should.

Credit goes to the performers who gave us some really fine material with which to work. Also to Soundmirror, who deftly mixed professionalism with understanding for our peculiar limitations. To the Musto/Campbell team for giving us such wonderful material. And to John Musto for always knowing the precise location of the intersection of high standards and the real world.

Anyway, I am a recording studio virgin, with precious little confidence that I can make any contribution to this project. But John says that I hear things only dogs should be able to hear, so I guess that’s good?

He says we’re gunning for a Grammy Nomination for Best Recording of a Guy Who Feigns an Illness for Money. Vote for us.



Of course – watch this space, as they say. We’re months (at least) away from having the product in hand, but we’ve just finished the first huge step!

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