Manhattan Diaries

Much of the last few days spent helping shepherd Manhattan Diaries to the stage. A funny, touching, satisfying, intriguing evening. A full house, and lots of personal and communal successes.

Turning this ship’s rudders completely to Flute now; more about that in the coming days. We’re looking ahead to a week that’s guaranteed to be full of large challenges and small victories.

But first, a brief look back.

Boy from NYC

Come Up to My Place

Washington Square

Slumming on Park Avenue

Way Out West

Sheik of Avenue B

More Slumming on Park Avenue…
New York Lights

Another Hundred People

Bravi, guys. We miss you already!

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Committed, joyful performers, all! In the pictures, at least… makes me wish I’d been there to see/hear it all (bonus on the W Post review).

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