Lots o’ Lensky & West Coast Deadline

Tenors, your list is here! Strictly speaking, Tamino was the winner. But Lensky was a strong second. (To think of it, Lensky could’ve used a good second, poor guy…)

And – heads up – today is September 1, the deadline for applying to audition in Los Angeles (October 1) and San Francisco (October 3). Applications are free; there’s a fee associated with the actual audition.



David Lawrence Scally

If I read correctly, it seems that you have found three tenors who can either sing or try to sing “AIsle hereditaire”. WOW!

David Lawrence Scally

Three audition tenors offered to perform “Aisle Heredetaire”. Maybe we have some hot stuff for Next Season’s JUKEBOX JURY.
In the immortal words of Joe Turner: Singing Hi Ho, Hi Ho Silver – Away!

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