July 1, 2014: A Day in the Life

10:40 am. Instant Opera at the Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods. The youngest opera fans, enthusiastically shouting “Bravo!” and helping our fabulous improv comedians (a.k.a. Studio Artists Evan, Anna, Josh, Alex and Michael and Coaching Fellow Michael) write and perform a world premiere opera set on Mars in which one of the characters is a an evil Zurtlecorn.Screenshot 2014-07-01 22.27.18

2014-07-01 09.55.05-1

 11:45am Telephone call with Allan Kozinn of the New York Times’ Arts Beat blog. Exciting news about Carmen, David Pogue, Google Glass and MobiTxt. Read the blog post. Or the press release!


1:20 pm. Tuesday Periodic  Table. Studio Artists get a crash course on patron and donor relations from guest faculty member Cory Lippiello.

2014-07-01 12.51.50-1

2:00 pm. Staff meeting celebration. Happy Birthday, Susan!!!

Screenshot 2014-07-01 22.25.29

3:15 pm. Carmen staging. Maya, Kevin, and director Tara Faircloth dig into Act 3.

2014-07-01 12.47.46-2

5:52 pm. World Cup viewing during rehearsal break brings together pianists, singers from all three of our operas. (Bravi, Team USA, for a helluva game.)


6:30 pm. Final Inside the Opera preshow talk for Cesare. Telling the people about the opera. In recent years, one of my favorite things to do.


7:15 pm. Ready for M&M. Sign-in board is prepped for start of Les mamelles di Tirésias and Le pauvre matelot rehearsal period tomorrow. Let’s get surrealistic.


8:38 pm. Greeting Opera Newbies at the first intermission!


9:01 pm. Stair sitting. Like you do. Attacking the email backlog while luxuriating in the Handel wafting off The Barns stage.


10:07 pm. Chair Stacking. A WTO Olympic sport, tonight delivered in style by Grant and Kevin (thanks, guys!!!), turning the room over from preshow talk to rehearsal.


10:44 pm. Farewell to Alexandria. Bravi Ying, John, Carolyn, Renée, Eric, JC, Alex, Kara, Antony & Co. We shall miss you.


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Zack Hayhurst

Yep. Sounds about right. :) I have to say, I kind of miss this schedule too. Call me crazy. :)

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