Julius Caesar Comes to Egypt: Podcast Act 1

GCiEMy Winterreise podcasts from last spring were so well received that I’m jumping back into the audio business!

Curious about what Handel’s Giulio Cesare sounds like? Need some help or encouragement in sorting out the characters and clarifying the plot? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax while I talk you through musical and plot highlights of Act 1. (Acts 2 and 3 coming shortly!)





Thank you so much for this wonderful overview! I am currently studying this opera for performance this summer, and would love to know which recording you are using for reference here. There are so many variations in tempi by various conductors, and I really liked what I heard here. Thanks for your podcasts, and I look forward to the next 2 acts!


Meagan – I don’t have an easy answer for you, and I’m not sure at this point that I could reconstruct the excerpts. I had mp3s from about half a dozen recordings, and I mixed and matched them at will. Glad you liked that you heard, though :)

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