Introductions are in Order! Rachel Stanton

Wolf Trap Opera has gone through some changes in the last month! With Kim Witman’s retirement, we’ve restructured a bit and added some team members. In April, we’re going to introduce you to your new WTO team.

Rachel Stanton is our new Assistant Director, Artistic Operations. 

While she just officially joined our team this spring, Rachel is well known to us: she’s been an important part of our seasonal team since 2016! Rachel brings a love of systems, data and logistics to our operation.

Between seeing 98 Degrees live, furiously counting money at Aria Jukebox, and sitting in the second row for “The Best of Wagner’s Ring” last year, there definitely has been no shortage of memorable events since I began working for Wolf Trap in 2016. While I started as an Arts Administration Intern that summer, every time I’ve returned since then has been a brand new, unexpected experience (in the best way).

Of course, the opera productions are undeniably special, but what surprises me most about Wolf Trap as a whole is the vast offerings it has for every arts lover. That desire to bring a variety of art forms to its patrons stems from the Foundation employees and their dedication to everything they do, and their commitment to understanding all of the arts, not just one genre. I come from a piano performance background, but also love Disney movies, soccer, and cats, and I feel as though I can curate an experience at Wolf Trap that has the intersection of all four of those things.

Looking forward, I am most excited for the Double Bill of Merlin’s Island and The Emperor of Atlantis. A show about the world turning upside down sounds like what the opera team does in a nutshell!


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