Introductions are in Order! Morgan Brophy

Wolf Trap Opera has gone through some changes in the last month! With Kim Witman’s retirement, we’ve restructured a bit and added some team members. In April, we’re going to introduce you to your new WTO team.

Morgan Brophy is no stranger to Wolf Trap Opera artists and patrons; she joined the team in 2014 as our Manager, Artistic Operations. She is now our Assistant Director of Artistic Administration and is responsible for oversight of our Studio Artist program, as well as our Chamber Music series in The Barns.

My most memorable experience at Wolf Trap was actually my very first day, pulling into the parking lot, walking down to my office (past the great guardian Bugs Bunny paintings), and starting in on that first day – I immediately felt that this was my opera-home in a way I hadn’t experienced at other companies and I knew this was a place where I would do some formative growth in my career. I’m constantly surprised at how often other people seem surprised at how well we do what we do. To be in a place with the kind of support we’re provided from every level of the organization, that doesn’t happen in a lot of places.

In my spare time I like to dig in the dirt. Gardening, especially when you can eat the fruits of your labor, is a great way to get out of your head. Growing your own produce is also better for the environment and can force you to reconsider the consumer-driven society we live in. I read a lot, usually while curled up with one of my cats (or my husband), and I love traveling the world.

Summer 2019 offers many new horizons and I’m excited to take stock of everything we do and re-examine it all through a new lens.



Hey, I know that woman! Congratulations and have a great season

Ms. Carole G.M. Pursley

Congratulations, beauty and talent. Etraordinary achievement. Well done Wolf Trap.

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