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The reality of producing and playing a workshop has eclipsed (well, smashed…) any hopes of systematically blogging about it. I will have to do so in the past tense. Later this week when the dust settles. We’ve been working steadily all week, and colleagues from OTSL (with whom we co-commissioned Inspector) arrive today for our final run-through.

We’re indebted to the cast of this workshop (see below) for their wonderful preparation, good will, enthusiasm and talents. And of course to John and Mark for this gift of a comic opera about the foibles of government, greed and chutzpah.

An Inspector from Rome
Act One Workshop
February 2009
John Musto, composer
Mark Campbell, librettist
Timothy Long, conductor
Kevin Newbury, director
Joshua Jeremiah, Mayor Fazzobaldi
Jamie Van Eyck, Bernadetta (his wife)
Kiera Duffy, Beatrice (their daughter)
Dominic Armstrong, Tancredi
Liam Bonner, Ossipo
Andrew Adelsberger, Adolfo
Alexandra Christoforakis, Malacorpa
Nick Houhoulis, Padre Ruffiano
Astrid Marshall, Bobachina
Meghan McCall, Agrippa
Chris Newcomer, Bobachino
April Irwin, A Secretary
Sean Corcoran, Stage Manager

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Lawrence Edelson

Thanks for your posts on the workshop, Kim. I can’t imagine how exhausted you are – having played for it, as well as your administrative responsibilities. When you have time, would love more detail about your workshop process, WTO’s goals for a workshop etc. The development process for new operas is often shrouded in mystery (when there is a development process!) so I think it is very useful to see how different companies are handling this challenge!

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