Inspecting. 3.

Tuesday, February 10…

…. Act 1 Scene 3 of An Inspector from Rome, where we get to know the Mayor’s wife (“Shoes… Hats… Gowns!”) and daughter.

… Day 6 of the Inspector from Rome workshop where your friendly blogger is hit with some mild variety of flu virus. Arms and neck aching badly during rehearsal – chalked it up to not playing the piano that much these days and being a keyboard wimp. When the fever kicked in a few hours later, I was plenty mad at getting sick but just a little relieved that my pianistic pride was still intact.

Well-timed, for today is the workshop day off. Ill-timed, for today was slated as catch-up for my real job…

Lots to report over the final 4 workshop days. I’m hunkering down today but will be back at you tomorrow.



oh no, I’m so sorry to hear you are sick. It’s the worst. I have it too…had to sing Carmina on chills and aches and fever, and then missed my first two days of Italiana rehearsal. I feel like such a wimp!


I heard about your Carmina. As LB says, that’s why you have a stellar technique – to call on at such challenging times :) I’m sure it served you well!

I’m feeling much better after 24 hours – perhaps the flu shot helped after all.

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