Ice Morning

Kind of like a snow day, but not as long. And not as much fun…

The office opened late yesterday, and I took advantage of the reprieve to dig into the score of the new opera for which I’m playing a workshop next week. (Gulp.)

But there was this irritating squeak between the C# and the D. Handy Husband was sure he could fix it, so soon the guts of the Grotrian were splayed on the floor.

I got dizzy and light-headed, just as if I were in a real surgical procedure. What are all of those parts and how do they work? I’ve played the piano for 46 years, and I still have no idea how it works. That makes me fairly irresponsible, but I take comfort that my ineptness extends far beyond the keyboard action. I don’t know how my car works, how the fuse box functions, or how to fix almost anything that’s broken. The fact that I took a memory card out of my laptop this fall still makes my heart race :)

I’m playing this new opera workshop (An Inspector from Rome, by John Musto & Mark Campbell, many more details to come… watch this space…) because we didn’t get the funding we needed, and one of the casualties was the ability to hire a pianist. But don’t cry for me. I’m in my happy place. Marking up my score, analyzing harmonies, nailing down bits and pieces of vocal lines. (But not fixing squeaks…)

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Lawrence Edelson

Kim, I hope you will Blog extensively about the workshop… very excited to hear about your development process, and the progress with the piece!

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