Hoffmann Is Here

Such empty promises. In spite of such good intentions.

I would have loved nothing more than to take you along with me on the ride that is Hoffmann at The Barns. But, as too often happens, it came down to managing the week or writing about it. I chose to try to keep the train on the track, and you were left out.

Last night’s opening was a revelation, the right kind of perfect storm. Very little about putting this piece on stage was easy. Of course, I never had a death wish for it, but had it fallen short of expectations, it would’ve been pretty tempting to acknowledge that we had stretched too far and to vow to play it safer in the future.  But rather than falling short, last night exceeded my fondest desires for this project, leaving me pretty conflicted about the advisability of trying anything this crazy again in the future…

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Yes. It was very good. It’s invidious to single out singers but Craig Irvin’s Villains were excellent. I’d also like to compliment Mattie Ullrich’s costume design. Again, the Villains (the dead fox on Docteur Miracle’s shoulder was an especially nice touch), but perhaps more the ensemble which added the right tone of improbability without overdoing.

Try more crazy.

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