Hearing with All the Senses

In the wake of this fall’s audition tour, we are furiously programming and casting next summer’s season. It’s a quiet time of the year for the blog, but I had to take a moment to share this article that came across my RSS feed this morning.

My audition tour notes are strewn with multisensory descriptions that I desperately hope will help me remember what it was like to be in a room with a certain voice. Cool, warm, slender, deep, white, saturated, rough, smooth, dark, silvery, plangent, wooden, opaque, crystalline, honeyed, sharp, steely, burnished  … it goes on and on. Words fail us most of the time, but the need to describe and remember is strong, and we do the best we can.

Gotta run, but before I do…  I plan to publish a Save-the-Date post with our performance calendar by mid-December. I know that many of you aren’t interested in the dates without knowing the repertoire, but that’ll take a little longer. But if you’re one of our patrons (and I’ve had this conversation with dozens of folks in the last couple of weeks) who can benefit from knowing when we’re producing in 2018, keep an eye on this space or subscribe to the blog (on the right, near the top of the page) to be sure you see that post. Ciao for now.


Joe Sobota

Thanks so much, Kim, for letting us know those dates early. I always come to everything Wolf Trap Opera does, but it is very helpful for me to coordinate WT dates with those of other venues that I also go to every summer and which announce their repertoire before Wolf Trap does, along with early subscription opportunities. Your blog during the audition tour was inspired!


“”I plan to publish a Save-the-Date post with our performance calendar by mid-December…

Kim, thanks for that!

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