Day 82: Setting Butterfly Free

My work is done. Literally thousands of hours of prep done by hundreds of people have led us here. This is always a bittersweet moment for those in the performing arts, and even moreso when doing a big show whose opening night is the same as its closing night. Congratulations to all of the folks who shepherded this production up till this moment, and those who will bring it to life in over the next few hours!


Stephie van Reigersberg

What a beautiful production. It was the definitive Butterfly for me. Thanks again — what a season!

Kathleen Wicks

What a thrilling evening and a perfect end to a wonderful season! Thank you all for the thousands of hours – you have given an incomparable gift to those of privileged to be here. And the music goes on to future generations.

Bill Harshaw

Thank you and the company for an enjoyable season. I enjoyed Versailles the most of the four (Aida, Figaro, Butterfly), while my wife enjoyed Figaro the most, but all were good for me.

See you next summer.

Michael Rogers

Beautiful voices making beautiful music. Thanks to you all. And so many young people in the audience! How did that happen? Bottle it!

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