Day 45: The First Step Toward Next Season!

Today, we take a momentary break from chronicling the 2015 season in order to give a shout-out to singers and pianists who are interested in working with us next year. That’s right: you can now apply for an audition for summer 2016.

How To Get Started

Go to our Auditions page for full dates, deadlines, instructions and a link to our online application. Deadlines range from August 27 to September 18, and actual audition days (in 8 cities) range from September 28 to October 27, 2015.

To learn about our two programs, visit the Filene Young Artist and Studio Artist web pages. I encourage you to click through and read the bios (particularly of the FYAs) and program descriptions to determine if a WTO residency would be right for you at this time.

Changes for 2016

#1: The Studio Artist program now accepts undergraduate students and grad students who have not yet finished their degree at the time of their audition. (A change from previous years, when only first-year grad students were allowed to audition.) Translated for this audition cycle: If you received a graduate degree at any point before October 2015, you are beyond the reach of this program. If you are an undergraduate (seniors are most competitive) or a graduate student who hasn’t yet received a degree, you may apply for the Studio program.

#2: Our application process is now free. An audition fee will be assessed if you are offered an audition, but there is no cost to apply.

Back to the Present…

Ghosts of Versailles tech week begins tomorrow!


Jean Dennis

I would like information about September, 2015. We will be in Washington DC
Sept. 15 & 16. Are there any operas at that time? Thank you


Thanks for your inquiry and for your interest in Wolf Trap. Unfortunately, our season is over after August 7. We’re a summer festival company, and we typically only perform in June, July and August.

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