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I have to mention that we had one of those moments today that keep us going. A brand-new singer walked in, announced a very difficult aria as a first selection, then proceeded to stun us both speechless. Five minutes later, I looked down to realize I hadn’t written a thing. We’re hearing developing artists, and every single person is a work-in-progress. But at this moment, the beauty, the depth of commitment, and the mastery of the instrument were enough to bring tears to my eyes. It was transformative. As every singer knows, you can’t make it happen. World-class artists have days on which things refuse to fall into place. But when it all aligns, and all of the hard work allows a natural gift to shine, we’re all the better for it. And then I think I have the best job in the world.
PS – Alternate aria of the day: Inspirez-moi from Gounod’s La Reine de Saba. Tenor. Do it without the recitative. Short (2 min), lyric tenor sing. Nice chance to show legato and phrasing. Only goes up to an A. (Careful; if you have higher notes, be sure to include other arias on your list that touch the Bb at least.)

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