Bike to Work Day!

It’s May 18, Bike-To-Work-Day in the Washington D.C. area. My husband is a serious cyclist, and when I bought him a new bike for his birthday (a big one…birthday, that is…) last winter, I decided to get myself a modest little hybrid. Of course, I can’t keep up with him, but I’m trying.

I passed (actually, I was mostly passed by) 50-60 cyclists on the way to work this morning, and they were all guys. Now, there are women cyclists out there, but they don’t so much seem to be biking to work. It’s easy to see why.

The longer commute on two wheels is not the problem. It’s the helmet hair, the refusal of makeup to stick on sweaty faces (yuck…sorry…), and the difficulty of carrying a change of clothes, a computer, and the slimmed-down contents of a purse in a backpack. Not to mention a Carmen score or two.

Anyway, I got to feel healthy and virtuous today, and the bike does look good in my office:)

Welcome to Wolf Trap!

I love overhearing bits of advice that the returning Trappers impart to the initiates. Things like “They have the best hot dogs – crunchy and chewy at the same time!” (The Vienna Inn)

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Jason Ferrante

OMG, The Vienna Inn.
If you read this and decide to go, be sure to have the “Fout”…named after the awesome soprano, WTOC alum…the “Fout” is two (or more?) loaded chili dogs and a fountain soda…the secret is to serve yourself, and colleagues, the fountain drinks.
Jason F.

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