Aria Frequency Lists!

The ever-popular Aria Frequency lists from this year’s audition tour are now available for your post-turkey tryptophan haze viewing pleasure!  Hop on over to the Aria Lists page to link to a separate document for each voice type.

Best wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving! See you on the other side, where I’ll begin to drop cryptic hints about what might be in store for next summer :)




Thanks as always for this informative and entertaining blog. Just out of curiosity, what are your feelings on Am I Afraid from “The Medium” as an offering? I noticed this on the mezzo list. It’s a wonderfully theatrical piece …


Will all who auditioned for studio artists be notified of their denial/acceptance to Wolf Trap by December 1st? Or, if nothing is received by then, should one assume denial? Hopefully, this is doesn’t come across as pestilent. Thanks so much.


All Studio Artist candidates should hear from us by December 15. If you don’t get an email by then, or if you’re under an earlier deadline for another offer, just write us at


Reply to Nikki: We do enjoy hearing “Am I Afraid” but it’s a bit long. The danger, as always with longer arias, is that you might rob yourself of an opportunity to sing a contrasting second piece. I can’t really remember if there is an abbreviated version. Worth looking into.

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