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We are in the thick of it! Singers arrived at the very end of May, and we are currently rehearsing several projects. I’ll be honest – I feel quite guilty in not writing more and sooner! But I’ll give you a short update today, with a sincere promise to be more regular and overt in my subsequent communications. 

For many of us,  Little Lunch Music on Tuesday was the first time that we had been in a room together, performing for other humans IRL, for over a year. I can say without a doubt, that the exchange of energy is something that we’ve all missed! And yet it also is something that we need to re-familiarize ourselves with; we’ve been talking and singing alone for so long!  Filene Artists Chanae Curtis, Ricardo Garcia, Johnathan McCullough and pianist Nate Raskin previewed of some of the music from L’Amant Anonyme, The Anonymous Lover.  If you enjoy Mozart and Haydn, this piece is right up your alley!  (if you didn’t catch it in the moment, you can still find it here) I hope you’ll consider joining us on our Facebook page every Tuesday at noon for a musical moment.

On Thursday we had a FANTASTIC Master Class with 2021 Filene Artist in Residence Morris Robinson. His artistry is really only matched by his warmth! Studio Artists Virginia Reed, Sam Kidd, Jazmine Owalia, Jeremy Harr and Mary Hoskins performed with Coaching Fellow William Woodard; you can see the whole thing here. 

And Friday we have our first Salon Series recital with Shannon Jennings, Conor McDonald, Joseph Li. They’re joined by trumpeter Kenneth Rittenhouse in a program ranging from German plainsong to Cole Porter, with significant detours to Britten and Barber. It’s a wide-ranging program that shares some of the music in which our artists found solace during the last year. The stream goes live on the Wolf Trap website (link here, which includes a link to a document with texts and translations, if you’re curious about the program!) at 7pm on Friday, and will be available for a limited time thereafter. 

We move into the Filene Center next week for a performance of The Anonymous Lover We’ve heard your feedback and are opening up more pods of two: please check back and consider joining us for our first night in the Filene Center since 2019. I promise that it will be a special evening. 


David Friedman

The Anonymous Lover and other Opera performance in Filene Center sound very exciting (and to see Opera live in person again is very exciting!). However, I assume that the only way for a single to attend a performance in June-July is to buy a pod of two even though only need one ticket. Is that correct?

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