Amphitheatre Opera

In the Filene Center (Wolf Trap’s beautiful amphitheatre) for the duration. Tech rehearsals for Magic Flute begin tonight.

I’ve blogged before about my love-hate relationship with the Filene Center. And here we are again, having gone for a record-setting 8 years without returning to Flute. I’ve been dreading this week all summer, but so far so good. Perhaps I’ll escape with my life.

And while we’re looking on the brighter side, the things I love about Flute this week:

The New York City Opera set looks really marvelous in this space.

Our artists are singing the spots off these roles.

There’s breakfast at 12:00 midnight before the overnight lighting rehearsal.

The weather forecast for the week is unprecedented for mid-August. Warm and dry.

LAM rescued a toad from the theatre.

The 3 Ladies are a terrific vocal ensemble, yet they are all distinctly different characters.

There is some sort of wildlife on the hill that thinks Papageno’s panpipes are a mating call.

Enough of that.

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maybe the toad was Michigan J. Frog’s cousin, showing up late for the NSO concert?

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