Administrating As Fast As I Can

Still worried about the pace of work these days. Too breathless. And the opera company doesn’t even start trickling in for another few days. Too much scrambling and not enough traction leads to mistakes and misunderstandings. New resolve this week to s…l…o….w……… d…..o…..w…..n……..

Plans for the Volpone recording continue apace, even as the funding and the details get fuzzier. A midweek meeting with the musicians’ union was not promising. Still crunching, persevering, and hoping.

Love the set model photo for L’Etoile which just arrived in my InBox.

Already looking ahead to next fall’s auditions. Need to try to integrate the Studio Artist auditions with those for the Filene Young Artist roster. And start earlier so it can all be done by early December. So here’s your first notice: APPLICATION DEADLINES IN THE FALL WILL BE IN EARLY OCTOBER. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Three More Links

Lots of thought-provoking stuff out there in blogland, but since my internet carousing is limited to 15 minutes a day lately, I’m dealing in superficial content.

This one made me laugh till I cried. (Thanks to Chris Foley of the Collaborative Piano Blog.) I especially like the scene where the poor pianist bangs his hand into the lockers so he won’t have to play any more… Anyone who put him/herself through school by accompanying everyone in sight will adore this.

And… Can You Tell the Difference? Test your ears – can you spot the digitized orchestra?

Finally… courtesy of Frazz: a new and compelling argument for arts education.

Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of the occasion, I’m in Pennsylvania helping my dad plant my Mom’s gardens for the summer. She passed away last fall, but this weekend she’s with us. How else would we be able to tell the nasturtiums from the nicotania… the browallia from the begonias? We miss you, Mom.
And, what would Mother’s Day be without those two adorable kids who turned me into a mother … 21 and 17 years ago!

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