WTO at Evermay on Friday

WTO at Evermay Rehearsal

An exciting concert at the Evermay Estate will kick off our season (and our new partnership with the S&R Foundation) this Friday night. Sarah Larsen and Reginald Smith, Jr. will collaborate with S&R’s Artist in Residence Ryo Yanagitani for Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Ravel, Quilter and Mahler.

When Sarah and Reggie arrived last week, I had the privilege of playing through this concert with them, as they prepared to rehearse with Ryo. So my enthusiasm for their work is both professional and personal. I wish that I could urge you to buy tickets, but the performance is sold out. We are planning to make at least part of it available on our YouTube channel soon (not live, but delayed) – I’ll tell you about that as more details emerge!




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Grace Jones

glad I got a ticket! very curious about this venue. Reggie said it’s beautiful.

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