10:30 am – WT Opera Studio audition class

11:15 am – Work commences on the next day’s schedule

11:40 am – Practice room hallway fills up

12:20 pm – Patrons begin to arrive for preshow talk

12:30pm – WTOS singers enjoy post-class bagels

12:40 pm – Turn on preshow powerpoint loop

12:50 pm – Morgana warms up before her hair & makeup call

1:45 pm – Bradamante warms up al fresco

1:55 pm – Life in the House Manager’s office just feels like a multiple exposure

2:15 pm – Alcina Act 1 on the steps. Handel inside the curtain, check request forms outside.

2:55 pm – Piano moving. Don’t ask.

3:10 pm – Instant Opera rehearsal

3:30 pm – So this is what the Alcina chorus does in Act II.

3:55 pm – F&B staff await second intermission

3:40 pm – Camera misplaced, then returned bearing mysterious photo

4:10 pm – Backstage left

5:25 pm – Crash in the lobby

6:35 pm – Opera Goes to the Improv Show #1. “In the Duck Blind”

8:45 pm – Opera Goes to the Improv show #2. “The Great Deficit”

11:55 pm – Baltimore Washington International Airport. Retrieve guest artist who had a 7-hour flight delay. Check out the flight options to Aruba.

2:07 am Monday – Post Version 3 of tomorrow’s schedule. To bed by 3, then up at 4:30 to see my charming son off to college orientation.

Since July 13 really did feel as if it lasted for two days, it will hereby qualify as two blog postings. Taking the rest of the day off. See you Tuesday.




Can I tell you how much I laughed when about five people (including two clients) emailed me to tell me that they recognized me (or my shoes) in that photo in which I am sharing bagels with your studio members? My back is to the camera and there’s no caption (and I am with tons of other people)!

Albeit belated, I had a wonderful time down there with your studio group and seeing/hearing Alcina.


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