WTC 1975: The Crucible

The August 1975 performances of Robert Ward’s The Crucible at the Filene Center didn’t rely as heavily on the presence of guest stars as did the summer’s two previous productions (Kismet and Roberto Devereux).  Four roles were taken by visiting professional artists (with asterisk below), but this production was largely driven by members of the Company.

Young artists making their Wolf Trap debuts the summer of 1975 included Janice Meyerson, Michael Philip Davis, Robert Orth and James Courtney (still on the Met roster this season).  Christopher Keene conducted, and Richard Pearlman directed.

The Crucible

August 28 & 30, 1975
The Filene Center

*Richard Cross, John Proctor
*Sheila Nadler, Elizabeth Proctor
Susan Smith, Abigail Williams
James Courtney, Reverend Hale
*Alan Crofoot, Judge Danforth
Dean Shoff, Reverend Parris
*Joy Blackett, Tituba
Judith Christin, Rebecca Nurse
Robert Schimek, Giles Corey
Judith James, Mary Warren
Patricia Lynne Stone, Ann Putnam
Robert Orth, Thomas Putnam
Michael Philip Davis, Ezekiel Cheever
J. Scott Brumit, Francis Nurse
Christine Whittlesey, Sarah Good
Deborah Martin, Betty Parris
Nan Polanski, Ruth Putnam
Margaret Johnson, Susanna Walcott
Janice Meyerson, Mercy Lewis
Susan Chastain, Martha Sheldon
Karen Yarmat, Bridget Booth
Evan Bortnick, Men-at-arms
Warren Ellsworth, Men-at-arms

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