Wilhelmina in the Woods

The wombats are back at the Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods!

We’re indebted to composer David Hanlon and librettist Kathleen Kelly for this musical story that educates and entertains. Wolf Trap recently commissioned this charming 25-minute opera for preschoolers, and it played to thousands of young fans in May. Now it’s back for two performances – Wednesday 7/19 and Thursday 7/20!

“So listen, gentle audience,
We’re very glad you came.
We can play music without you but
It’s never quite the same.
We’re musicians of great expertise,
We play opera and long symphonies,
But it all blows away on the breeze
Unless you are with us to listen!”

Photos by Chelsea West, from the wombats’ visit to Vienna’s Bard’s Alley. Wombats love to sing and read!

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