Wie lange noch. With Potato Salad

Today, the first in the series of our “Little Lunch Music” mini-concerts. Our office environment is very open, and once you start singing Kurt Weill in the atrium, there’s no escaping it! But as far as I can tell (from our trial concerts last summer), the WT Foundation employees enjoy their noontime musical diversion.

We Love Our Interns
Picnic this afternoon at the scene shop, in honor of our interns. We could not function without them!

Tonight, working through some paperwork while listening to the audio monitor feed of tonight’s Prairie Home Companion show. It’s happening about 50 feet away onstage, but I’m sitting at a desk typing while I listen to it (as if it were a radio show…hmm…). Beautiful night outside, with Garrison talking to 6,000 of his closest friends and Billy Collins reading his poetry.

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