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The Wolf Trap Opera summer season has sadly concluded, and the energy and musicianship of our 2021 has scattered to the winds. But that doesn’t mean that WTO is silent, by any means. Because now is the perfect time to plan for 2022!

Applications are already open for the 2022 season, and the WTO team – Lee Anne Myslewski, Ronald Lee Newman, and Grant Loehnig, are preparing to head out to hear singers across the country. The plan is to hear singers live in a number of cities across the country; while digital auditions were -and may yet be, honestly – a necessity over the last 18 months, they’re no substitute for the live experience, and the team feels strongly about hearing those voices in an acoustic space.

Applications are available now for Filene Artists (our principal artists), Studio Artists (our comprimarios/covers/coro), and for Directing and Coaching Fellows. We realize that there’s not a lot of industry consistency in the naming of each of the tiers: if you’re not sure for which tier you’re most competitive, please check our website. We’ve got information there to help you decide which program is the right one for you. 

If you’re searching our website for the repertoire we’re producing next year, you can stop looking! Wolf Trap Opera is one of the only (if not the only) program in the US who chooses repertoire based on the talent they hear on the audition tour. Heck, even WE don’t know what we’ll be producing next summer! Not searching for specific roles or voice types might seem a little unusual, and it’s a pretty heavy lift from the programming side of the table. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about whether your voice might fit into our rep. It’s a clean slate!

The application deadline is quite early this year: August 26. Help us get the word out!

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