Welcome to Santa Schifezza

*Santa Schifezza: a fictional, small town that would be near Palermo if it existed. Some parts of Sicily are known for their visual splendor, verdant vineyards on cliffs overlooking an azure Mediterranean or quaint fishing villages charmed by Greek, Roman, Moorish and/or Norman architecture. This is not one of those parts. SS is dusty. SS is dry. SS is flat. There is one hill-less a hill, actually, and more a bump in the landscape. The architecture, at best, is nondescript. The “haves” have a lot and the “have nots” simply are not.

Santa Schifezza is where we find the Mayor, his dysfunctional family, his ambitious and corrupt Board of Directors, and two strangers who stumble into this mess. Check back tomorrow for the first chapter in their story – otherwise known as The Inspector.

* Description of Santa Schifezza from the amazing pen of librettist Mark Campbell

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