We Are Ten

birthdayOn November 3, this little blog turned 10 years old. I’ve overshot the birthday celebrations by an entire month, but they’ve had to take a back seat to the frenzied assemblage of our 2015 season. (Announcement not forthcoming until the end of January, but I’ll get some save-the-date information out before Christmas.) Today, a look back at 10 posts that span the decade.

A few things became clear as I surfed through over a thousand posts in search of these few.

Times have changed. Our little company has changed. I’ve changed.

The opera world is a far tougher place than it was in 2004. The young artist world used to be more of an extension of the learning process, for the most part untrammeled by exterior career concerns. Opportunities for employment weren’t abundant, but they weren’t almost nonexistent. It was never an easy supply/demand equation for the artists, but it didn’t feel quite as much like tilting at windmills. We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto.

The good news? Wolf Trap Opera has grown exponentially. The Studio Artist program was just a dream in 2004; now it’s a flourishing part of our world. It’s an exciting time here, and at many other companies in the country. Change is hard; often it’s good.

And finally, I’ve gotten old and boring. Perhaps I knew it subconsciously, but revisiting my former self has made it abundantly clear. Maybe this is a chance to start a move back to my less-cynical, more beautifully naive former blogging style…

Come. Talk a walk back in time, starting with last summer.

19th-century opera meets 21st-century technology

A sample of nerdy Aria Frequency goodness

Remember that time when Don Giovanni didn’t go to hell?

Old friends making great music

Grammy Nom!

Good Things About Bad Reviews

Audition tour adventures

Life is better with “Yes, And…”

The 2005 master class controversy and response

The big American voice

And I know I said there would be 10, but you won’t count, will you? Here’s a final offering, with a spoiler alert. This summer, I will be forced to eat some of these words.

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