Video Stream Expires on Sunday!

It’s almost the end of September… You know what that means? You have just a few more days to catch the time-limited video stream of our 2017 season productions of The Juniper Tree and Bastianello! One deliciously creepy, the other sweetly comical.

“Charming and chilling, a children’s opera for thinking children (also known as ‘adults’)” The New York Times

Want to dip in and out? Here you go!

Annie Rosen and Madison Leonard in Entrance of the Stepmother and Daughter
Annie Rosen in the Stepmother’s Aria and The Stepmother’s Revenge
Annie Rosen and Madison Leonard: After the Murder
Ben Edquist and Annie Rosen: The Stew
Madison Leonard in the Daughter’s Aria
Megan Samarin and the Company in The Son’s Revenge

After a wedding debacle, a young husband sets out to find people who are greater fools than his own family.

Chapters in this delightfully wacky and touching Italian fable:

The Wedding 
A Farmhouse
The Gate of a Village
A Lake (featuring Shea Owens)

What happens next? This past summer’s production of Mozart’s Idomeneo starts its 6-month stream on Monday.

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