Trip away; make no stay…

The summer was an exhausting, amazing, and beautiful thing.  But 15 weeks of long days and little time to breathe have left us a little worse for wear.  The to-do list is long, as application review and auditions, the premiere of The Inspector, and preparations for the 40th anniversary WTOC season are added to essential clean-up from the frenzy of the last few months.

I am at war with my inclination to tie things up with a bow before taking a break.  In spite of the messiness of my desk and my mind (and perhaps because of it…) I shall walk away from many half-finished and barely-begun projects to take a week away from the office and off the digital grid.  Nothing exciting – ferrying the son back to college, sitting on the porch, and visiting the in-laws for a day.

I’ll be back by mid-September.


PS – See the sidebar and this news post for dates, deadlines, and links for the quickly-approaching audition tour!

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