All of my travel predictions were blessedly wrong. The 20-minute cab ride to the airport did indeed take an hour and 15 minutes, but the rest of the trip couldn’t have been better. Hardly anyone else on the plane, and a 20-minute early arrival at O’Hare. Unheard of.

I’m still pretty tired and stupid*, though, and a post worth reading will have to wait till tomorrow. (*I’ve learned the German expression for this: “Dumm wie Brot”.)

Meanwhile, there are pictures. From top: the black box theatre at CCM (surprisingly true acoustic; ended up being one of our favorite places to hear people), me outside CCM trying to answer email while waiting for the taxi, and a screen shot from the DVD we were reviewing while waiting at O’Hare (anyone want to guess what the opera is?).
Tomorrow: the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. A record 42 singers scheduled. Wish us luck!

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