The Things We Do For Love: 2015

Presidents Day 2015, 3:50pm. Watching the snow roll in, getting ready for a trip to LA Opera on Wednesday (can you say “75 degrees and sunny?”), and musing on the operas in WTO’s 2015 season, a.k.a. The Things We Do For Love”…

  1. Defy Authority

When your boss has his eye on your wife, you do everything within your power to stop him. And when you run out of good ideas, your wife steps in to teach him a lesson. (Oh, and in the process, she manages to teach you a lesson and force your boss to apologize to his own wife.)

  1. Change History

She was killed before you had a chance to tell her you loved her. But you have created entire worlds with your pen, and maybe, just maybe, you can reverse the course of history. The characters from your plays meet the ghosts of a bygone time, and you try to save her.

  1. Believe the Impossible

He’s probably too good to be true – this handsome American man who promises to save you from a life without love. But you’re so young, so desperate to believe him, and about to run out of hope. So you abandon your family, renounce your culture, and believe.

  1. Make the Ultimate Sacrifice

The affection is mutual, and he truly loves you. But his country has imprisoned both you and your father, and he has been condemned to death for treason for trying to help you. Even though there’s no way you can save him, you go to him.

If you’re a WTO Insider, you already know what I’m talking about. If not, I hope you enjoyed the game. (And that you’ll sign up for future Insider email updates!)

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