The Road to 2017: NYC Rearview

Before we hop on the plane to Chicago…

Bravo, New York!

I think this is the strongest series of auditions we’ve held in NYC for over a decade. Thank you all! So sorry that we couldn’t carry more singers forward as finalists for 2017, but it has been a super strong field this year. Some seriously good singing.

Opera Box Score

If you haven’t yet discovered the opera podcast and radio show by our friend (and WT alum) George Cederquist, head on over to Opera Box Score. They’ve been including our aria frequency stats in recent broadcasts, and I’m planning to make a guest appearance on the show soon to further perpetuate the data nerdiness.


Not the most fascinating of subjects, I know. And this is not a comprehensive résumé how-to post, just an observation on some of the unfortunate trends we’ve been seeing:

  • If your online PDF résumé includes color or fine grades of gray-scale, please use a different black-and-white version when you print it. Gray print on a white piece of paper makes life harder than it should be.
  • We’ve seen a small handful of résumés that feature a prominent headshot (roughly 20% of the page) which reduces the actual data (experience, awards etc) to an miniscule font size. I do understand the beauty of having your photo on the resume, but please resist the urge to turn what is essentially a data sheet into a graphic design project.
  • There’s been a recent rash of experience sections which are not in reverse chronological order. Shouldn’t be so jarring, but it is.

OK, Where’s the Short List?

The list of possible repertoire for 2017 is percolating, but it is resisting being edited down to a manageable “Short List” for blog publication. We had a work session last night after auditions, but it was interrupted by the presidential debate. :)  Stay tuned.

Next stop, the midwest!

Photo above: The Marc A. Scorca Recital Hall at the National Opera Center. A welcome sight for weary panelists and singers who went for so long without a reliable place for auditions in Manhattan.

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