The Moscateers and the BMD

Above: The Moscateers.

Volpone has 4 servants. In addition to his main man Mosca, there are (left to right) Nano, Epicene, and Castrato. The Moscateers.

Quotes of the Day

From fabulous Bradon McDonald of the Mark Morris Dance Group, during his morning dance/movement class with our Studio (how lucky can we get…), responding to some difficulty with the choreography: “I understand, but I won’t take the blame.”

Exactly. I will remember and use this.

From our brilliant Volpone director (who, I am duly informed, does read the blog:)): “Whoever first said “the genius is in the details” must have been thinking about physical comedy!” (Actually I thought the devil was in the details, but perhaps we’re just being positive here.)

Drama: Easy

Comedy: Hard

Ah, but oh so worth it!


At left, the BMD, a.k.a. the Box of Many Drawers. Stage mangement’s affectionate term for the rehearsal mock-up of a large multi-facted scenic element that becomes a bed, a bridge, a courtroom witness box… you get the idea.

Today’s Particularly Appropriate Word of the Day

Golconda \gahl-KAHN-duh\ noun : a rich mine; broadly : a source of great wealth. As in, Volpone’s three greedy and gullible avian friends.


Saturday was my day off. (Yeah!)

Got to see my son and his girlfriend off to the prom. (Aren’t they adorable?) And spent some time with my visiting in-laws who brought the most beautiful strawberries from the farm. Four hours from field to table – nothing you can buy at the grocery store can touch it.

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