The Inspector, Scene 2: White Lies

At the hotel, Cosimo and Tancredi also bemoan their dreary existence in Santa Schifezza and the circumstances that have stranded them there, lira-less, on their way to Palermo. A knock at the door. The Mayor enters. Tension.

Cosimo and Tancredi are terrified of the Mayor because they believe he’s there to arrest them for not paying rent; the Mayor is terrified of them because he believes they represent the new regime.

Through a few misunderstandings, the Mayor concludes that Tancredi is, indeed, The Inspector; he offers him a tour of the town, a stay at his villa, and—in the best tradition of business incentives—stuffs his pockets with cash.

Above, L-R: Vale Rideout as Tancredi, Robert Orth as Mayor Fazzobaldi, William Sharp as Cosimo

Tomorrow, Scene 3: Flirtation, Celebration, Suspicion

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