The Inspector, Scene 1: Damage Control

It’s a tough morning for the Mayor of Santa Schifezza. The town anthem is being rehearsed in preparation for tomorrow’s Municipal Mayoral Day—a day he instituted in honor of himself—and it sounds awful. But worse, far worse, he learns that an inspector from Rome may soon be visiting his town, incognito, undermining the very way of life he has worked so hard to achieve: bribery, graft, fraud, racketeering, and, on occasion, light torture.

The Mayor gathers his equally ethical Board of Directors and demands that they keep everything on the “up and up.”

Bobachina and Bobachino, twins with a bad case of spoonerismus horribilis who run the post office, stumble on and tell the Mayor that they’ve espied a new arrival at the inn. This stranger is tall, eloquent, elegant…and, most suspiciously…blonde.

The Mayor immediately believes this man is The Inspector, and leaves for the inn, encountering his wife, Lady MacBeth…er…Sarelda, who has also heard the rumor, and his daughter Beatrice, who bemoans her dreary existence in Santa Schifezza.

Tomorrow, Scene 2: White Lies

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