The Fall 2009 Audition Mini-Course

A few weeks off from the examined life has restored a little clarity. I’m resisting getting back on the blogging horse because I know how intense this next part of the cycle is, and each year brings a bit more ambivalence about documenting and engaging in dialogue about the audition process. Yet, it’s unavoidable that the autumn brings the biggest blog readership of our entire annual cycle, and I know that there are lots of you out there looking for advice and conversation. So I hereby commit. And probably should be committed.

The next 6 weeks will constitute a mini-course on the audition process, leavened occasionally by corollary postings on other topics in this fall’s arts news. I will try to post every week day and attack the following topics, both in new posts and in links back to previous entries:

Audition Protocol
What (Not) To Wear
Application Fees: The Controversy
Materials (resumes, headshots)
Application Screening
Choosing the “Package” – Your 5 Arias
Audition Pianists
Room Acoustics
The Audition Panel
Staging Your Aria?
Aria Frequency Lists: Who’s Singing What

I’m sure there’s more. And it will emerge in response to your questions. Submit them as comments here, and I will answer in subsequent posts.

See you tomorrow.

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