The Best of All Possible Weather Forecasts

Since we have a Filene Center performance at the end of this week, I’m re-addicted to the Weather Channel. We’ve had a steamy week here at the end of June, but a “cold” front is poised to help usher in July. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll be poring over radar maps for the next 7 days.

I know that Voltaire, as well as Bernstein and his army of collaborators, took a satirical approach to the Candide’s unquestioning acceptance of his many misfortunes. I suppose my own Pollyanna approach to life aligns far more with Candide’s than with his creators. Because I never ceased to be completely sucked in by the genuine (OK, sentimental) moments in this score. Today’s dose comes at me a cappella, via this afternoon’s rehearsal.

We have learned and understood
Everything that is, is good.
Everything that is, is planned.
Is wisely planned, is right and good.

In this best of all possible worlds. Where, of course, the moon will shine and the breezes will waft next Sunday evening.

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