The Aria List

Interested in which arias are being offered in our auditions? We’ve compiled lists for each voice type. This year, we’re hearing 148 sopranos, 65 mezzos, 3 countertenors, 49 tenors, 60 baritones, and 20 basses.
Each singer must offer 4 arias for the audition. (For us, the list must include one aria by Mozart or Handel.) It’s incumbent on the applicant to do two things:
1) Choose arias that demonstrate his/her unique strengths
2) Include as wide a range of styles, languages, and characters/roles as possible within the limitations of #1. (Got that?)
We took the four-aria lists for each singer and compiled them to see which pieces were chosen with what frequency. You can find the lists by clicking on the links below. Editorial comments are included; opinions are purely personal and rather subjective. Remember, these lists represent the repertoire offered for audition, not the selections we actually heard.

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