Sweeney Live Blog: T-20

Friday 7/22 – 12:31 am

Beginning of overnight tech call

Temp: 85

It’s cooling down in the house. The bugs are coming out, though (they must have been waiting until the heat abated, shaking their heads about the poor fool mortals who were out there working all day), and the smell of Deep Woods Off permeates the stage.  Assistant stage managers are “light walking” – a lovely sounding euphemism for standing wherever the lighting designer puts them. If it’s a bright scene that’s being lit, there are books to be read while waiting for the next cue. Sometimes, it’s just small talk – whatever it takes to stay awake.

Out in the house, the director and designers work slowly through the show, filling in the blanks in the scenes they didn’t have a chance to work earlier, adjusting light cues and video projections. There is darkness, quiet, and much coffee.

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