Last night’s Alcina opening was such a beautiful and memorable evening, elevated above the ordinary by many generous and talented people. While driving home at 12:30am, I was pleasantly surprised that in spite of the fact that I had just put in a 90-hour work week, I was feeling calm, alert, and energized. Ha.

This afternoon, in the middle of trimming the 2009 budget, I hit the wall.

The Greek king Sisyphus was cursed to push a boulder up a hill again and again for eternity. The great revelation about Sisyphus, though, is that he doesn’t work all the time. When he gets to the top of the hill, he gets to rest (and walk downhill!) while his boulder rolls back down.

My personal superhero character is Summer Sisyphus. I roll the imaginary Opera Boulder up the hill again and again, at first surely and easily in May and June, then with fitful bursts of raw energy in July. I forget to let it roll back down the hill at my peril. And I end up as cranky and stupid as I am today.

So I am desperate for this evening off, while Rahree holds down the fort working the symphony show. Tomorrow – Alcina preshow talk and matinee, plus a double-header of Instant Opera for Wolf Trap donors.

Must. Sleep.

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