The Washington Post has run a preview piece on The Inspector.  I’m happy to see a light shone on this wonderful new opera and the Wolf Trap Foundation’s commitment to supporting the creative spirit!  (I do end up sounding like a bit of a plucky frontier wife, with my “can-do” attitude, but I won’t complain. :)  We’re admittedly a small company that dreams big and works hard.)  Hope springs eternal that we will indeed have a loading dock and an upstage crossover someday at The Barns!

My reward for this last month of hard work was the purchase of some amazing shoes to wear for opening night. Posting a picture of them on Facebook netted me about as many comments and “likes” as is typical when someone announces a job promotion or a new child. With this kind of response, perhaps commissioning an opera with a showstopping aria about shoes was a savvy marketing move…  Maybe the Barns renovation could be sponsored… The Zappos Loading Dock… The DSW Freight Elevator… The Louboutin Orchestra Pit…

It’s the day of the show, y’all – Enjoy!

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