See Lucretia

First, the facts:

See Lucretia
Wednesday, June 1
7:00 pm (preceded by reception at 6:30)
McLean Project for the Arts at McLean Community Center
National Gallery of Art Assistant Curator Alexandra Libby will describe how artists during the Renaissance and Baroque periods were drawn to this dramatic story for its imbedded messages of morality, virtue, and patriotism.

Next, the context:

This is the kickoff for The Lucretia Project, a series of 4 events that will examine the Lucretia legend from all angles. After this visual art survey, we’ll look at related works of literature and musical compositions (June 11) and then discuss Lucretia with experts from the worlds of women’s issues, military history, and theology (June 12.)

Finally, the personal part:

I am not a seer. My world is primarily aural, and my visual deficiencies have always been a source of sorrow. Someday, when my life is less full-to-the-brim with music, I plan to truly learn how to see beauty as well as hear it. Until then, I am grateful for small opportunities like this. Our production of The Rape of Lucretia promises to be an immensely powerful, beautiful and intense theatrical experience, and I know that my ability to engage with it will be enhanced by this and other events in this Lucretia Project series. Join me.

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