Ready… Set…

Our fearless quintet of artists tackles their craziest challenge of the summer (writing and performing their own opera on the spot…) in front of the toughest audience imaginable (hundreds of kids and parents). Outdoors.

To get ready, they hosted a trial run last weekend, in front of about 25 of their colleagues. This is what they ended up with.

A dragon walked into the Cheesecake Factory, but couldn’t decide what to order. His waitress, the Pink Power Ranger, helped him choose, and then choose again when the kitchen was out of the trout. (End recitative, interpolate Russian mezzo aria.) They did yoga as they waited for the food. (“La donna e mobile” in Tree Pose.)  Voldemort entered, turned himself invisible and froze the Dragon and Pink Power Ranger so he could eat all of the cheesecake. Simba, the King of the Jungle was just trying to pay his bill, but the Pink Power Ranger/Waitress was frozen. (To the strains of Poulenc, of course.) He used his royal crown to see Voldemort even though he was invisible, and stole his wand: he made Voldemort unfreeze the Dragon and his waitress, the Pink Power Ranger. (Toreador, en garde!)  The Pink Power Ranger asked Voldemort why he only wanted to eat cheesecake, since that would be bad for him and lead to diabetes and death. Sad ending.

The week will include 5 shows for children and be capped off with a PG-13 version for Wolf Trap’s Club 66.

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