Problems Time Has Solved

My InBox.

Not my email InBox, which I reduce to almost zero on a regular basis. (It’s a sickness.) Rather, it’s my desk InBox to which I’m applying that most-wonderful-of-strategies: Problems Time Will Solve.

Everyone in my office knows not to put important mail in my real InBox during the summer. If I’m really meant to see something it ends up on my chair or on top of my computer keyboard. Yes, I get the hint.

And the InBox is overflowing. Really, it takes more time to get something to balance on top of it that it would be to just read it and get it over with. Still I persist. Yesterday I had to go searching for something that might’ve been buried. (It wasn’t.) And I realized that almost everything in the InBox could now go directly into the trash. Hmmm.

Writer’s Block

There are some problems time doesn’t help, though. Like the fact that I’ve been trying to write an article for the Magic Flute printed program (we call it Center Lines) for weeks. It was due last Friday. And everything I start gets scrapped. I am going to write something tonight. If I have to stay up all night to do it. (And since I sleep so poorly these days, it may not make any difference.)

Wishing Upon a Star

Two more performances of L’Etoile to go. I am so fond of this piece. Not rocket science, and somewhat underwhelming if your taste skews to serious high art, but so satisfying on every other level.

Open Studio

Today marked the beginning of a week’s worth of Wolf Trap Opera Studio classes open to invited guests. I had the honor of kicking it off, doing an auditions workshop. I really don’t remember what I said or did, but I’m told it was useful and entertaining. Tomorrow – Italian recitative; later this week – acting, movement, and a scenes program.

Enough avoidance. Back to work. Wish I were a musicologist…. And I’m toiling away here, missing the Hippiefest…

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