Passing Through

We’re back on home turf for auditions at The Barns at Wolf Trap. We sailed in there on Tuesday morning and completely surprised our colleagues; evidently, in the frenzy of checking and verifying space rentals across the country, we had neglected to close all of the loops right here at home. No worries, though, for within 10 minutes StagemanBob and colleagues had us up and running in style. (When I said that they shouldn’t fuss so much because we’re used to all sorts of crazy circumstances, RunningMan said, “But this is The Barns!”  Wolf Trap Pride:))

A strong day yesterday, including exciting contributions from our nearby operatic neighbors – WNO’s Domingo-Cafritz Young Artist Program, Maryland Opera Studio, Peabody Conservatory and others.

I seem to have come down with something and have spent what I had hoped would be a relaxing Wednesday trying to keep from coughing up a lung. That, and wrestling my suitcase for the next 2 weeks down below the magical 50-pound limit.

See you in Ohio on Friday!

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