Overstuffed Philadelphia

The number of people who want to sing for us in New York City is always huge. No surprise. We’ve expanded our NY stay to 6 days but still have to turn lots of people away. But in addition to New York, each year there’s a different city that blind-sides us with its overwhelming turnout. A couple of years ago it was Chicago. Occasionally it’s been Houston or San Francisco. This year: Philadelphia.

We extended our day in Philly by over an hour, but we can still cram in only about 30 people. And there were 91 requests, making for a 67% rejection rate. So if you got turned down in Philadelphia, you can take some refuge in these statistics. (And FYI, not everyone who was accepted in Philly was from AVA or Curtis.)

I Understand, But I Disagree

All you singers who are navigating yet another audition season might be interested in this post on today’s lifehack.org blog: 16 Tips to Survive Brutal Criticism.

And I recently found that I had bookmarked this months-old post on “Butts in the Seats” – it’s particularly relevant all of the soul-searching that goes on during audition season: Going Down That Forest Path.

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