Opera-free zone

No opera today. Large doses of symphonic pops (Marvin Hamlisch and the NSO – rehearsal in the morning and show in the evening) and a dress rehearsal / work-through of the Latest Word concert. Great stuff on the latter. I’m a sucker for poetry (even though I’m not exactly knowledgeable), and getting to revisit Coleridge, Auden, Agee, Cummings and Keats through the musical lenses of some great living composers is a real treat.

One of our young artists made a brief guest appearance on the symphonic pops program (in Sondheim’s “Getting Married Today”… it seems to be all about Sondheim in a very strange way these days…). She was a real pro in that most difficult of professional situations – sitting around for hours and hours and having approximately 16 measures of music in which to acquit yourself.

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