NYC: Day 2 (Monologues!)

theater_masks_silhouetteToday, some advice for singers who are in the position of choosing and delivering an audition monologue. Our prospective Studio Artists must do just this. And we’ve had some really good ones come through the door over the last two days!

Do you ever wonder why in the world singers are required to prepare monologues? We all know that we’re not auditioning you as a straight actor. So what could our motive be, and how can you hack the situation to your advantage? In Monologues, Friend or Foe?, Lee Anne Myslewski, Director of the Wolf Trap Opera Studio, demystifies this part of the audition process and shares some of her favorite scenes.

Today was a wonderful Sunday in Manhattan, with crisp autumn air, beautiful singing, and just enough time for a walk on the new part of the High Line before dark. Tonight I’m working on the repertoire short list for 2015… perhaps it’ll be blog-worthy by tomorrow…


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